Champion  Horsewoman and Trainer 

Constance is a natural born horsewoman, the daughter of Jacques Henri Menard a professional French dressage rider.

Constance started her own career twenty years ago, choosing dressage as her forte after having practiced all horse riding disciplines.

Constance has been a Grand Prix rider since 2001. She is a member of the French national team (7th place at the European Dressage Championships in Hagen in 2005,seven place at the World Equestrian Championship Aachen in 2006, European Championship in Torino in 2007and preselected for the olympics 2008).


For several years Constance maintained her own stables near Paris, before qualifying as riding instructor in 2005 after graduating from the national riding school at Saumur

Constance herself teaches students at riding schools all over Europe, including Geneva, Brussels, and Toulouse.

Constance is a recognized judge at dressage competitions around France.


Vanini and Constance at Neunmunster CDIW in 2002
Vanini and Constance at Neunmunster CDIW in 2002


Constance and Lianca at world equestrian championships Aachen 2006
and CDI in Hartpury 2007